August 14, 2014

New Appliances and RTA Kitchen Cabinets

After 15 years or more in the same house, your kitchen starts to seems a little dingy and dated. Depending on how often you use them, your appliances will begin to break down around the same time. Most people look into updating their fridge first, as it is the biggest appliance. But once you have a new, stainless steel refrigerator, your stove and dishwasher start to look even worse, so you have to purchase new ones. Yet something still doesn't feel quite right - it’s those cabinets. Years of cooking oil splatters, smoke, and constant opening and closing can leave them cracked, stained, and generally worn. You'll need to replace them without breaking the bank. Instead of hiring somebody, get down to work yourself with RTA kitchen cabinets.

The process is simple. First, dig out your measuring tape and find out the size of all your appliances and cabinets. If you want to put in a slightly bigger refrigerator, for example, you will have to subtract a few inches from your cabinet space. Next, jump online and put your kitchen’s measurements into the cabinet website’s program. It will suggest the ideal cabinets for your space. Finally, you are able to choose the finish and color of your new cabinets.

The day your RTA kitchen cabinets arrive, call up a couple of friends to help you assemble them. If you can follow simple instructions, you should have no problem putting the pieces together. Within a few hours, your new cabinets will be installed.  I bet you will be pleased by how well the updated cabinets compliment your shiny appliances. When guests come over, they will certainly ask who remodeled your kitchen. It will be up to you whether or not to share the secret of your RTA kitchen cabinets!