August 20, 2014

Cabinets for Your Home Bar

A few years ago my uncle got a huge bonus from his job and decided to put all the money into home improvements. His main project was finishing his basement, which was quite large. He and my aunt wanted to put in a guest bedroom, a bathroom, and most importantly for him - a bar. My uncle loved to have his friends over to play poker or watch football, but my aunt wasn’t too happy about the noise and mess they made. He hired a contractor to do the majority of the remodeling. When it came time to do the painting and build the bar, my uncle’s buddy came to help him. Neither of them were skilled in carpentry, so they decided to use RTA cabinets.

RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets may sound daunting, but they were in fact, as my uncle put it, ¨a piece of cake.¨ He was able to choose the layout, style and color of the cabinets, and even see the virtual blueprint using the manufacturer’s website. The cabinets came quickly after placing the order online and included clear instructions for assembly. My uncle and his buddy got a six-pack of their favorite beer and put them together in one day.

After they got some furniture and hung up their wall art, my aunt and uncle’s new finished basement looked great. The bar is definitely the centerpiece of the room, and appear so well made that no one can tell that my uncle used RTA cabinets. My uncle and his friends hang out down there at least twice a week. The room was supposed to be something of a ¨man cave,¨ but it is actually so nice that my aunt even invites her friends over for a girl´s night every once in a while!