September 29, 2014

Taking Care of My Kitchen Cabinets

I installed my first kitchen cabinets a few years ago. I had recently gotten out of college and I had the adulthood jitters really bad in the sense that I wanted to get my independence by moving out of my parents’ place. I got an apartment with a great living room, bedroom and bathroom. However the dining room and kitchen didn’t look nearly as spotless so I spoke with the owner about this issue and he said that it was a fixed rent deal and that there was little he could do, (bummer). Having just graduated with great negotiating skills, I managed to convince him to deduct the cost of a new cabinet from my rent. I found a great selection of cabinets with all kinds of colors and beautiful finishes. The most common materials you will find are wood and a combination of plastic and wood. Both materials are very sensitive to moist so taking measures to protect their surfaces is pivotal to ensure durability and a healthy appearance.

What I used to do to protect my cabinets was to install a layer of protective film inside the cabinets
and on the drawers. I didn’t have a dishwasher back then and some days I felt a little lazy to dry my dishes completely so sometimes (perhaps unbeknownst to me) those dishes would go in with a little bit of water drops around them, but since the cabinets were protected, it would never absorb the moist!

I was also very careful about maintenance, I remember I used to polish the copper handles and wipe the cabinet doors with spot removers and a wypall. These are products you can find in the hygiene aisle of your local supermarket. Looking back, in hindsight, the apartment owner may have gotten the best part of the deal since I took care of that cabinet so well, but then again, I never heard a visitor come on over asking for a glass or plate and commenting, hey! Your cabinets smell funny!