September 3, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets for a Cause

Last year I started working with a non-profit organization that helps people rebuild their homes after natural disasters strike. My first project was with a house that was structurally sound, but the inside had been destroyed by flooding from a terrible hurricane. We started by completely gutting the interior, fixing the plumbing and electricity, and replacing the drywall. After painting, it was time to work on the individual rooms. I was part of the team assigned to the kitchen. We put in a basic linoleum floor and then began to tackle the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

As most of the homes in the affected area had the same layout, the organization needed lots of the same sized cabinets. So they had bulk-ordered the cabinets online, receiving a significant discount on the already reasonably-priced furniture. Despite their low price, the cabinets were made of good quality wood and looked great. The ready to assemble kitchen cabinets came with simple, clear instructions on how to put them together. Even the people on our team who had very little experience in construction had no trouble installing them. The cabinets fit perfectly in the kitchen, as the organization had sent the exact measurements to the online cabinet retailer.

Within a day, the kitchen looked almost as good as new, thanks to the ready to assemble cabinets and gently used fixtures and appliances. Of course, there was still lots to be done. After a few more weeks of hard work, the entire house was once again able to be lived in. The displaced family’s reaction upon seeing their remodeled home was priceless - the mother of the family was nearly in tears. I definitely encourage everyone, whether you have experience or not, to take part in a rewarding volunteer project such as this one.