March 31, 2014

Antique vs Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Design concepts are extremely important. They are the equivalent of an architecture design for a brand new building; it gives a north to the compass which you will follow in order to get the expected result. That is why it was very important for me to have the best concept in mind when I decided my kitchen needed an upgrade. I think that one of the factors of a good concept is what kind of material you will be using and if you don’t want to build you can always purchase second hand ornaments or cabinets and so forth. When the time came to make my decision, I was much divided between modern cabinets (those fancy metal-wooden and marble ones) you usually see on housing fairs.

I was raised in a cottage-type home growing up so there were a lot of antique cabinets there. I loved their washed, worn and tired look so I think I gravitated more towards that option. Next was of course painting! I loved white, gray and brown colors. Anything that seems neutral or borderline earthy I can really get used to. Combine that to my antique selection and you have a very distinguished and elegant result. Finally, I had to decide what kind of faucets I wanted and if I was going to go with a dish washer or not, I decided against it (it was tradition in my family to do dishes after a big family meal). My kitchen looked absolutely incredible after I was done especially because of my antique cabinets.

It all started with the concept and I was able to finish my own kitchen remodeling project in record time. A sales clerk at RTA Kitchen Cabinets I received very important assistance throughout the project and their customer service representatives or sales clerks were incredible in helping me choose not the most expensive option but the one that best fit the description I provided and the search criteria I had outlined. Needless to say I was very, very impressed with them and could certainly recommend kitchen remodeling ‘’on the budget’’ to anyone with the help of RTA.

March 26, 2014

The Beauty of Online Shopping

I have always been kind of a shopaholic but mostly of clothes, just like any other girl. I remember many years ago when my friends started buying clothes online I thought it was crazy because it was easier to just go to the store and try on clothes to make sure they fit. As the years went by, online shopping started growing on me, and not just for clothes but also for buying custom cabinets online!

As I started buying online more and more, going to the stores started to feel weird and I was just lazy to do it. I hate driving and can’t stand being stuck in traffic jam. That’s one of the many benefits that online shopping brings to my life. I have also found that many times you get better deals online because you can easily select items that are on sale whereas in the store, you would have to look for them. So buying online really saves you a lot of time, and money!

A couple months ago I was looking to remodel my kitchen. My kitchen is something I take very seriously and try to keep as neat as possible at all times. I wanted to get new kitchen cabinets but I just couldn’t find the perfect ones. I went into a couple stores and only found myself spending an entire afternoon without any luck! Nothing seemed to be good enough for my precious kitchen. Either the quality of the wood wasn’t good enough, or the quality was good but I couldn’t find the right colors.

So I gave up and decided to check out some ready to assemble cabinets online. Jackpot! I found exactly
what I was looking for, perfect quality, amazing colors, and a great variety. I got to choose the measures I wanted to, hit check out and in a few weeks I had my new kitchen cabinets delivered to my door! 

March 25, 2014

Remodeling My Mom's Kitchen

You know how sometimes we tend to undermine our parents as they get older? We forget about all the things they did for us when we were growing up and all they gave up to raise us and give us a better life. Sometimes we complain about visiting them because their home is old and kind of neglected. I felt like this about my mom’s kitchen. Last time I visited I thought it was a real mess. There were so many things all crammed into a few kitchen cabinets.

Truth be said, I think my mother hadn’t remodeled the kitchen in quite a few years. My dad doesn’t even get into the kitchen, so I wouldn’t expect him to do it either. My first reaction was to judge because I am a very neat person and I like to keep my kitchen organized given that I spend a lot of time there cooking for my loved ones. But then I realized that my parents weren’t exactly young and they didn’t have as much energy to start a remodeling project.

In addition, I think that once you’ve had a house for several years (and I don’t mean 10 years, I’m talking
more like 30) you kind of stop caring about the physical aspect of your home and only fix things that need to be fixed. Anyway, I started talking to mom and dad and suggested they should remodel their kitchen. They said they didn’t like the idea of going shopping for new cabinets because it took too long and they had to deal with inefficient customer service representatives and all that.

Being the modern person that I am, I explained to them that now they don’t have to go out to get new ready to assemble kitchen cabinets from any online shop. The three of us started looking at online shops and we decided to go with CabinetDIY. The prices were awesome, we got a few cabinets and in a couple of weeks they arrived. My husband and I helped install the cabinets and my parents’ kitchen looked as good as new! 
cabinets because they could simply get

March 14, 2014

Treatment for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be made out of many materials. They can range from plastic, to plywood, wood and steel. This varies depending on the taste of the occupant of the property. Each and one of these materials have cabinet protection rules which promote material longevity and aid the wear and tear that your kitchen cabinets would suffer if no precautions or general maintenance steps are undertaken.

If your cabinet is made out of wood, a good step to take would be to not let it get wet. This could happen if there are leaks on the roof or more commonly if you wash your dishes and put them in the cabinets without letting them fully dry up. If it’s made out of plastic perhaps the best way to protect them is by not slamming the doors shut which could of course break them. If we are talking about steel, one of the things you could do is to be careful with the things you store in them. What I mean is, you should not put items with sharp edges on them or otherwise this could affect the surface (it would not break it or make it less functional but it would undoubtedly look bad because of the amount of scratches).

If it’s made out of plywood, I would suggest similar precautions be taken like the ones I recommended for wooden cabinets. Bear in mind plywood is fragile, so you should not slam the doors shut or treat the cabinet ‘’aggressively’’. These general, common-sense recommendations of care for your cabinets would ensure a longer life for them while looking absolutely sharp and thus exponentially enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. Try to apply furniture shine or disinfectant from time to time, basically a substance that would clean your cabinet and keep it nice and glossy.
You also subconsciously will benefit from a clean and properly used kitchen. Some housewives or ‘’house-husbands’’ complain that they don’t enjoy cooking or even being around a kitchen because it may look dirty or old. My recommendations undoubtedly would help in that regard.

March 11, 2014

The most important room in the house

I lived with my parents for the better part of the first 3 decades of my life. I remember an infinite amount of mornings in which we shared breakfast in our marble island and talked about what each of us was up to; dad with his job, mom with her decorations and baking recipes and then my brothers and I talking about our friends or school projects. That kitchen made me feel I was at home. That’s why now that I’m married and have children of my own, I focus a lot on having my kitchen looking absolutely beautiful with gorgeous cabinets, faucets, drawers and of course, the marble island.

I remember the cabinets in my parent’s house were made of wood and they decided to paint them in white. I personally decided to go with a more traditional wooden-tone color for mine. I keep my china there, my husband’s collection of shot glasses (they are there despite my best judgment) he says they remind him of a more carefree era.

My children and husband love the kitchen; we spend more time there than in any other room whenever we are together. I think my favorite times above all in that kitchen come around by the end of the year when Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas and the Super Bowl seem to mesh in an endless string of holidays and days off. I cook so much during those days, but I see them smile so much and be happy it makes it worth it all. When my husband and I moved into our new home, it came with a standard kitchen so I had interiordecorators come in and work together with me on a new design concept for the kitchen and the master bedroom. First thing I changed were the kitchen cabinets and then the bathroom curtains for glass doors. Whenever I have some time off I go on Pinterest or Tumblr for new ideas of recipes or design concepts, I’m always on the move!