March 25, 2014

Remodeling My Mom's Kitchen

You know how sometimes we tend to undermine our parents as they get older? We forget about all the things they did for us when we were growing up and all they gave up to raise us and give us a better life. Sometimes we complain about visiting them because their home is old and kind of neglected. I felt like this about my mom’s kitchen. Last time I visited I thought it was a real mess. There were so many things all crammed into a few kitchen cabinets.

Truth be said, I think my mother hadn’t remodeled the kitchen in quite a few years. My dad doesn’t even get into the kitchen, so I wouldn’t expect him to do it either. My first reaction was to judge because I am a very neat person and I like to keep my kitchen organized given that I spend a lot of time there cooking for my loved ones. But then I realized that my parents weren’t exactly young and they didn’t have as much energy to start a remodeling project.

In addition, I think that once you’ve had a house for several years (and I don’t mean 10 years, I’m talking
more like 30) you kind of stop caring about the physical aspect of your home and only fix things that need to be fixed. Anyway, I started talking to mom and dad and suggested they should remodel their kitchen. They said they didn’t like the idea of going shopping for new cabinets because it took too long and they had to deal with inefficient customer service representatives and all that.

Being the modern person that I am, I explained to them that now they don’t have to go out to get new ready to assemble kitchen cabinets from any online shop. The three of us started looking at online shops and we decided to go with CabinetDIY. The prices were awesome, we got a few cabinets and in a couple of weeks they arrived. My husband and I helped install the cabinets and my parents’ kitchen looked as good as new! 
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