March 31, 2014

Antique vs Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Design concepts are extremely important. They are the equivalent of an architecture design for a brand new building; it gives a north to the compass which you will follow in order to get the expected result. That is why it was very important for me to have the best concept in mind when I decided my kitchen needed an upgrade. I think that one of the factors of a good concept is what kind of material you will be using and if you don’t want to build you can always purchase second hand ornaments or cabinets and so forth. When the time came to make my decision, I was much divided between modern cabinets (those fancy metal-wooden and marble ones) you usually see on housing fairs.

I was raised in a cottage-type home growing up so there were a lot of antique cabinets there. I loved their washed, worn and tired look so I think I gravitated more towards that option. Next was of course painting! I loved white, gray and brown colors. Anything that seems neutral or borderline earthy I can really get used to. Combine that to my antique selection and you have a very distinguished and elegant result. Finally, I had to decide what kind of faucets I wanted and if I was going to go with a dish washer or not, I decided against it (it was tradition in my family to do dishes after a big family meal). My kitchen looked absolutely incredible after I was done especially because of my antique cabinets.

It all started with the concept and I was able to finish my own kitchen remodeling project in record time. A sales clerk at RTA Kitchen Cabinets I received very important assistance throughout the project and their customer service representatives or sales clerks were incredible in helping me choose not the most expensive option but the one that best fit the description I provided and the search criteria I had outlined. Needless to say I was very, very impressed with them and could certainly recommend kitchen remodeling ‘’on the budget’’ to anyone with the help of RTA.