March 11, 2014

The most important room in the house

I lived with my parents for the better part of the first 3 decades of my life. I remember an infinite amount of mornings in which we shared breakfast in our marble island and talked about what each of us was up to; dad with his job, mom with her decorations and baking recipes and then my brothers and I talking about our friends or school projects. That kitchen made me feel I was at home. That’s why now that I’m married and have children of my own, I focus a lot on having my kitchen looking absolutely beautiful with gorgeous cabinets, faucets, drawers and of course, the marble island.

I remember the cabinets in my parent’s house were made of wood and they decided to paint them in white. I personally decided to go with a more traditional wooden-tone color for mine. I keep my china there, my husband’s collection of shot glasses (they are there despite my best judgment) he says they remind him of a more carefree era.

My children and husband love the kitchen; we spend more time there than in any other room whenever we are together. I think my favorite times above all in that kitchen come around by the end of the year when Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas and the Super Bowl seem to mesh in an endless string of holidays and days off. I cook so much during those days, but I see them smile so much and be happy it makes it worth it all. When my husband and I moved into our new home, it came with a standard kitchen so I had interiordecorators come in and work together with me on a new design concept for the kitchen and the master bedroom. First thing I changed were the kitchen cabinets and then the bathroom curtains for glass doors. Whenever I have some time off I go on Pinterest or Tumblr for new ideas of recipes or design concepts, I’m always on the move!