June 30, 2014

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

My husband and I are doing some remodeling on our kitchen. We are both great cooks and many times we are working together, bumping into each and other and fighting for space. It is difficult sometimes to even find things in the kitchen because everything is so crowded. We have been thinking for a while to get into a catering business and in order to do that we need to expand the kitchen area and get new, bigger kitchen cabinets so our kitchen equipment is more spread out. I thought I wanted to start our business soon since one couple wants to hire us for their wedding soon and thus I decided to get ready to assemble kitchen cabinets for faster set up.

My husband also suggested that we get a kitchen island so that we are not fighting for space so often. We
definitely need a space for things that need to be laid out such as cannelloni or breads or for other things that need to sit for a while.  We have not bought it yet but we are also getting a lamp to go over the kitchen island. The lamp will give it great lighting and it will be perfect for taking pictures of desserts or other food items we make and upload them onto our business website.

Last but not least, we are buying a whole new kitchen stove and oven. The one we have is about 10 years old and has been used for cooking for more than your average time! (We love to have parties and have many people over often). The ready to assemble kitchen cabinets leave just the right amount of space for the new oven. It all came out so well it all looks as if we had hire someone design our new kitchen area.

June 12, 2014

Country Kitchen Design

With all the pressures of work, kids and everyday life, my husband and I recently realized that we needed a sanctuary to escape to every so often. We got together with my brother and sister and decided to collectively buy a mountain cottage to use as a vacation home. The place we got was a great deal, but also a real fixer-upper. In particular, the kitchen needed tons of work. The old cabinets must have been there for 50 years! My husband took matters into his own hands and replaced them quite easily using pre-made cabinets.
I really liked the design of the previous kitchen, which had tons of wood paneling and dark brick work, matching the rustic location of the house. However, the years had not been kind to the beaten up and deteriorated wood, and the appliances were straight out of the 1970s. My husband and brother took a few weeks and completely redid the kitchen. First, they covered the old brick with stone tile. Next, they ordered pre-made cabinets online and installed them in a flash. Luckily, the original marble countertop was in good condition and matched the new cabinets. Using accumulated points from our credit card, they were able to purchase a stainless steel sink, stove and refrigerator, adding a modern touch to the rustic kitchen.

My husband wouldn’t let my sister and I into the house until their handiwork had been completed. When we finally saw the kitchen for the first time, we were delighted with the results. The room was fresh and new, but also maintained its vintage country feel, thanks to the classic pre-made cabinets. As we cooked our first family meal in the updated kitchen, we reveled in its convenience and comfort. Here’s looking forward to a lifetime of great family getaways in our renovated mountain home! 

June 6, 2014

The Neat Cabinet

I have always put a lot of emphasis on being neat in everything related to my work ethic, my work in school and my attitude towards home cleaning and keeping it organized. I implemented the latter as soon as I had a kitchen cabinet made; I made the specific request of having a spacious and compartmentalized cabinet in which I could store glasses, mugs, plates and a special spot for my special china. I only used that china (that had been passed on to me from 2 generations ago since the days of my grandmother).I like to entertain a lot so this was a rather frequent event, luckily my china had suffered very little damage or ‘’reductions’’ over the years.  I think my friends and relatives know how fond I am of them and therefore they tend to be a little extra careful whenever we use it.

My cabinet was beautiful; I had it custom-made with a kitchen remodeling firm. They designed it wooden with beautiful decorative bronze handles. I absolutely adored the way it meshed with the rest of the kitchen layout. If you don’t have a husband who knows the ins and outs to carpentry, you don’t have to worry since there are many cabinet makers and kitchen designers all around the country that can help with your remodeling needs. I was particularly happy with mine since they really had great follow-through and were attentive to details. This is pivotal whenever you are decorating because it’s very difficult to go back unless of course you’re willing to bring back the progress and pay of the associated costs of remaking  (which of course are basically ‘’sunk’’).

Decorating is not for everyone, but anybody can do it. And once you try it for the first time, you really gain some insight about what’s involved with it and how much better the end result can make you feel. That’s at least what has happened with me and to all my friends and relatives that I have encouraged to take on the habit, I hope you join us.

June 5, 2014

Jason Going to College Project!

My godson Jason is going to college next semester. I can’t believe I am the godmother of a college student! My brother and his wife are very wealthy and not only are they paying for Jason’s college tuition but they are getting him a condo! The college he is going to is only the next city over, but my brother William wants to get him out of the house that badly! Of course, they are not getting him a brand new condo, but an old one, and thus we get into house remodeling once more. Jason’s new kitchen is very spacious, and even though he doesn’t know how to cook well, he’ll want to learn once we help him fix up his house. And to start that task, we have started looking for pre-made cabinets.

Jason’s cabinets are cracked, the wood has swollen, and they are overall in pretty bad shape from apparent infrequent maintenance by their old owners. We started looking for cabinets online and have found very beautiful sets of cabinets. I know fixing Jason’s new home isn’t my job but I love home remodeling so much I have voluntarily signed up to help him. I have suggested to Jason already that he should get dark colored wood cabinets similar to the cabinets at his parents’ house so he can the illusion that he has not left home. This may be silly, be either way I think this type of cabinets is the most elegant looking (check out the picture
on the right)

If you want some ideas on how you can remodel your kitchen, just send me a message! I have done it so many times. I have owned two homes so far, and a few times I have helped other friends or family members with their remodeling ideas. And if you want one advice for the kitchen, get the pre-made cabinets, they are so much easier to install!