June 5, 2014

Jason Going to College Project!

My godson Jason is going to college next semester. I can’t believe I am the godmother of a college student! My brother and his wife are very wealthy and not only are they paying for Jason’s college tuition but they are getting him a condo! The college he is going to is only the next city over, but my brother William wants to get him out of the house that badly! Of course, they are not getting him a brand new condo, but an old one, and thus we get into house remodeling once more. Jason’s new kitchen is very spacious, and even though he doesn’t know how to cook well, he’ll want to learn once we help him fix up his house. And to start that task, we have started looking for pre-made cabinets.

Jason’s cabinets are cracked, the wood has swollen, and they are overall in pretty bad shape from apparent infrequent maintenance by their old owners. We started looking for cabinets online and have found very beautiful sets of cabinets. I know fixing Jason’s new home isn’t my job but I love home remodeling so much I have voluntarily signed up to help him. I have suggested to Jason already that he should get dark colored wood cabinets similar to the cabinets at his parents’ house so he can the illusion that he has not left home. This may be silly, be either way I think this type of cabinets is the most elegant looking (check out the picture
on the right)

If you want some ideas on how you can remodel your kitchen, just send me a message! I have done it so many times. I have owned two homes so far, and a few times I have helped other friends or family members with their remodeling ideas. And if you want one advice for the kitchen, get the pre-made cabinets, they are so much easier to install!