June 6, 2014

The Neat Cabinet

I have always put a lot of emphasis on being neat in everything related to my work ethic, my work in school and my attitude towards home cleaning and keeping it organized. I implemented the latter as soon as I had a kitchen cabinet made; I made the specific request of having a spacious and compartmentalized cabinet in which I could store glasses, mugs, plates and a special spot for my special china. I only used that china (that had been passed on to me from 2 generations ago since the days of my grandmother).I like to entertain a lot so this was a rather frequent event, luckily my china had suffered very little damage or ‘’reductions’’ over the years.  I think my friends and relatives know how fond I am of them and therefore they tend to be a little extra careful whenever we use it.

My cabinet was beautiful; I had it custom-made with a kitchen remodeling firm. They designed it wooden with beautiful decorative bronze handles. I absolutely adored the way it meshed with the rest of the kitchen layout. If you don’t have a husband who knows the ins and outs to carpentry, you don’t have to worry since there are many cabinet makers and kitchen designers all around the country that can help with your remodeling needs. I was particularly happy with mine since they really had great follow-through and were attentive to details. This is pivotal whenever you are decorating because it’s very difficult to go back unless of course you’re willing to bring back the progress and pay of the associated costs of remaking  (which of course are basically ‘’sunk’’).

Decorating is not for everyone, but anybody can do it. And once you try it for the first time, you really gain some insight about what’s involved with it and how much better the end result can make you feel. That’s at least what has happened with me and to all my friends and relatives that I have encouraged to take on the habit, I hope you join us.