June 30, 2014

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

My husband and I are doing some remodeling on our kitchen. We are both great cooks and many times we are working together, bumping into each and other and fighting for space. It is difficult sometimes to even find things in the kitchen because everything is so crowded. We have been thinking for a while to get into a catering business and in order to do that we need to expand the kitchen area and get new, bigger kitchen cabinets so our kitchen equipment is more spread out. I thought I wanted to start our business soon since one couple wants to hire us for their wedding soon and thus I decided to get ready to assemble kitchen cabinets for faster set up.

My husband also suggested that we get a kitchen island so that we are not fighting for space so often. We
definitely need a space for things that need to be laid out such as cannelloni or breads or for other things that need to sit for a while.  We have not bought it yet but we are also getting a lamp to go over the kitchen island. The lamp will give it great lighting and it will be perfect for taking pictures of desserts or other food items we make and upload them onto our business website.

Last but not least, we are buying a whole new kitchen stove and oven. The one we have is about 10 years old and has been used for cooking for more than your average time! (We love to have parties and have many people over often). The ready to assemble kitchen cabinets leave just the right amount of space for the new oven. It all came out so well it all looks as if we had hire someone design our new kitchen area.