July 2, 2014

New Kitchen Island

Growing up, I always remember my mother watching cooking shows and talking about how much she wanted an island in her kitchen. Unfortunately the house we had at the time was too small for such a thing. So when my mom inherited money from her late uncle and moved into a larger house with a sizeable kitchen, she decided to put in an island. Her friend, who is a contractor, did all of the work for her, including installing ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets.

My mother wanted the island for counter and storage space. She wasn’t interested in adding another sink, as many people do with their kitchen islands. Without complicated plumbing, the job was simple. First, the contractor had to measure the space and find cabinets that matched the color of the existing ones. He used this great website which lets you put in your measurements and suggests the best cabinets for you. My mom was able to see a layout of the new kitchen before it was even started.

They ordered the ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets and drawers online, and within a few days, they had arrived. The contractor installed them in a flash. The dark wood was high quality and went perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. Finally, he attached the custom-cut marble countertop. After waiting years, my mom’s dream kitchen was realized in just a week. Now, my mother has much more space to keep her cooking utensils and to prepare her delicious meals. The kitchen island even has become a gathering spot when she has guests over. She puts chips, veggie, and other snacks out and everyone stands around the island, lending her a hand by chopping, mixing and grating. The dinner is ready more quickly and both my mother and her guests have a great time!