July 7, 2014

Pre-made Cabinets

My company leaders came up with a new charity program this year for the first time as part of our corporate responsibility. The project involves building homes for needy families in impoverished areas of different California counties. These homes are cozy two-bedroom homes which are 100% paid for by our company. Employees are welcomed to volunteer and join teams in charge of separate functions. I joined the kitchen team and our responsibility was to build the kitchen. I looked for pre made cabinets as they are easy to install and we began our kitchen project two weeks ago. The whole project lasts up to three months with people volunteering about 5 hours per week.

I have never done any type of community service in my life and this experience has been very rewarding for me. We received pictures of the family we are building the home for and we are going to meet them in person once the house is built. Their faces do not look all that happy on the pictures and I just hope that it changes once they see their new home. These people have gone through tough economic times, many of them single parent families where one of the parents used to be the bread-winner until they suffered some physical disability or died. We also build homes for families of war veterans who after they come back home are faced with things like disabled veterans or PTSD problems.

This week we finalized the installment of the pre made cabinets, the microwave, and the floor tiles and we also brought in the fridge and oven. At the end of each week all employees and some construction contractors get together for a potluck and celebrate our progress. See what our kitchen looks like so far!