July 16, 2014

The New Cabinets at my Doctor's Office

The other day I went to visit my doctor for the first time in about a year. After about 20 minutes in the waiting room, I entered the examination room and did a double-take. Was this the same place I had visited in the past? The room looked so fresh and modern. My doctor caught me looking around and said, ¨Yes, we remodeled. And yes, I did most of it myself.¨ I knew my doctor was a down-to-earth guy, but I never imagined him doing construction on his own office. The doctor said that it had been easy, mostly due to the RTA cabinets he had ordered online.

Gone were the old, dingy standard medical cabinets. The doctor had replaced them with RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets made of a beautiful beach wood. He said that the website he used allowed him to choose the material, color, size and specification of the cabinets. When they arrived, he followed the simple installation instructions. He also added a new countertop and stainless steel sink. The walls had been painted a soothing cream color, and a beautiful nature painting adorned them. The lighting fixture had been updated and now emitted a soft yellow light, instead of the standard cold fluorescent glare. The exam room was now much more pleasant. When my appointment was over, I joked with my doctor that I almost didn’t want to leave!

With his new RTA cabinets, the doctor had all of his supplies easily within reach. The relaxing office environment made me feel like my appointment was a breeze! I was so impressed with the doctor’s new office (and his medical attention) that I recommended him to several of my friends. I guess it was a great idea to remodel - it got him some more patients!