February 10, 2014

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

All women dream of the perfect house, but more than that, they dream of the perfect kitchen. And women have a reason for that: they spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for the entire family so the least they deserve is that the place where they spend so much time doing part of the chores of the home is somewhere they feel great in, and a place that looks fabulous!

Sometimes a home can have a lovely kitchen but in general I think most kitchens just look the same. Of 
 course, some of them have more elegant elements or newer cabinets than others, but generally speaking they are all similar. The kitchen is not a room that can vary highly; after all, you’ve got the kitchen, the oven, the sink, and the cabinets; there isn’t much to add there. But believe it or not, some kitchens can look very unique and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

One of the things I have noticed is that kitchens tend to have the same colors. For instance, cabinet colors don’t tend to vary so much and that also contributes to the fact that all kitchens look the same. The moment I saw this picture with the violet kitchen cabinets I just wanted it for my own home so bad! And it also made me realize that paint can be a very powerful tool!

Painting your kitchen cabinets in bold colors like violet or red can have a big impact on the looks of your kitchen! It’s very extravagant and you might be afraid of trying it out, but at least in the pictures it looks amazing! The two kitchens look very modern and it’s all thanks to the awesome paint! But imagine the cabinets were painted in a more traditional color like maple, the kitchen wouldn’t be as fabulous. This goes to show that a little paint can make a huge difference. 

February 4, 2014

Differentiate Your Kitchen

Kitchens tend to be quite similar from one another. There aren´t as many variations in kitchen as there are kitchen cabinets, options are kind of limited. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; after all, it would be kind of weird to have a kitchen with a bunch of colorful cabinets. The most common colors for cabinets are brown, maple, or cherry. However, there are some pretty good ideas to make your cabinets stand out from the crowd.
with other rooms and spaces in a house. When it comes to 

After going through a whole bunch of pictures and designs, I fell in love with this one. I am usually not a big fan of gray but I just found this to be so sophisticated. Of course the chandelier doesn’t hurt, either. But really, this kitchen looks fabulous and the best part is that it is very unique and chances of you finding a similar kitchen are slim. There are other kinds of kitchen that are beautiful, but it looks like every home has the same exact kitchen. I like a little differentiation, which is why I highly recommend painting cabinets in this color.

I also found another interesting picture which I thought was totally original and kind of cute. Forget about the
regular kitchen island. Replace it with this adorable kitchen island/couch. I’m sure this will be a kitchen hard to match. The couch also has some cabinets at the bottom to store kitchen utensils. With this in your kitchen you will be able to cook with the company of your loved ones! No more getting bored cooking all by yourself in the kitchen. Or perhaps you can lie for a little bit while you are waiting for something in the oven. Either way, I think this couch/kitchen island is both functional and beautiful!