October 28, 2014

The Height of Your Cabinets

A lot of pre-fabricated homes come with standard height kitchen cabinets which are often about 6 feet from the ground. Most people can easily raise their hand and bring down a cup, plate of mug from it without much trouble; however, there are people that would feel a lot more comfortable with lower cabinets. Imagine you are 5 feet in height and your arm is a foot long, that means you could barely reach the edge of the cabinet much less be able to open a window and let’s not even talk about being able to reach something from it.

Now imagine that you are a housewife thinking of placing ornaments or decorative plates above your
cabinet meaning you will give it a double purpose, the first would be storage of your kitchenware and the second would be some form of a shelf. Many people wouldn’t be able to reach as far as the top of the cabinet to place or replace ornaments there, which could be another reason why a lower cabinet could be useful.

There is an old saying that goes ‘’to each its own’’ meaning that we are all free to make decisions about interior decoration that reflect who we are and how we want our house to look. The question of how high should your cabinet be placed should satisfy you and those living in your house. What is important however is for you to keep a good perspective and a clear understanding of the implications of playing around with the placement and style of your cabinet. This is a choice that is by no means short or medium term, you will probably have the same cabinet for at least over half a decade which should encourage you to be wise about your decisions and take into account that if you’ve got kids who can’t reach, they will grow. If you are short and can’t reach, you can always place a stool under the cabinet (as exhausting as that sounds). The point is, be careful when making long term decisions of interior decoration.