June 12, 2014

Country Kitchen Design

With all the pressures of work, kids and everyday life, my husband and I recently realized that we needed a sanctuary to escape to every so often. We got together with my brother and sister and decided to collectively buy a mountain cottage to use as a vacation home. The place we got was a great deal, but also a real fixer-upper. In particular, the kitchen needed tons of work. The old cabinets must have been there for 50 years! My husband took matters into his own hands and replaced them quite easily using pre-made cabinets.
I really liked the design of the previous kitchen, which had tons of wood paneling and dark brick work, matching the rustic location of the house. However, the years had not been kind to the beaten up and deteriorated wood, and the appliances were straight out of the 1970s. My husband and brother took a few weeks and completely redid the kitchen. First, they covered the old brick with stone tile. Next, they ordered pre-made cabinets online and installed them in a flash. Luckily, the original marble countertop was in good condition and matched the new cabinets. Using accumulated points from our credit card, they were able to purchase a stainless steel sink, stove and refrigerator, adding a modern touch to the rustic kitchen.

My husband wouldn’t let my sister and I into the house until their handiwork had been completed. When we finally saw the kitchen for the first time, we were delighted with the results. The room was fresh and new, but also maintained its vintage country feel, thanks to the classic pre-made cabinets. As we cooked our first family meal in the updated kitchen, we reveled in its convenience and comfort. Here’s looking forward to a lifetime of great family getaways in our renovated mountain home!