September 14, 2014

Art School Cabinets

 Recently, my best friend retired from her office job and fulfilled her lifelong dream - opening her own art school. She has a Master’s degree in fine art and always wanted to work with art full time. Thanks to years of saving for her goal, she was able to rent a large space in a strip mall and remodel it to her business’s needs. All art teachers know that a studio needs three things: good lighting, adequate space, and appropriate storage options. My friend didn’t want to spend a fortune, so she used ready to assemble cabinets for her storage needs.

After sizing up the perimeter of her large room, my friend checked out cabinet options online. She found this amazing website that allows you to enter the measurements of your area and see a mock-up of the way your room will look after installing the cabinets. She ordered several cabinets, drawers and large closet style storage in a practical timeless oak shade. While she was waiting for her order, a plumber came to make sure that the piping was correct for a sink to be put in along with the cabinets, providing a convenient place for students to wash their hands and clean paintbrushes.  When the cabinets arrived, her husband and a few of his friends put them together and had them attached to the walls in no time. They then connected the sink in the spot the plumber had prepared. It fit perfectly into the pre-measured cabinets. A few days later, the school was open for business.

My friend’s art school is now thriving, due to the combination of her excellent teaching skills and the school’s professional appearance, including the ready to assemble cabinets. I’m so proud of my friend and I hope she will serve as an inspiration to others in the community who want to reach their goals.