May 30, 2014

The Home Sweet Home Bakery

My older cousin Martha and I have always dreamt of working together to put up a bakery business. She had already been doing something on her own sporadically in the past few years but she has only sold to her close friends or colleagues. She is also the one who makes the cakes and other goodies in every family party. This year we wanted to combine her baking skills with my knowledge of healthy alternatives and create a bigger business that also offers things such as eggless or gluten-free baked goods for those following a healthier path. But we could not make a bigger business without having a bigger kitchen! So it was time to remodel our workspace, her lovely but crowded kitchen with the deteriorating cabinets. So, we looked up custom cabinets online and thus the fun began!

Oh how easy this was! We only had to take some short steps. First, we needed to measure our kitchen cabinets online, and then specify which type of appliances we were going to keep in the kitchen. My favorite part was adding the island in the middle of kitchen space. Before joining forces, Martha didn’t have that many orders to complete and so the space that was available was enough back then. But times were about to change. Not only were we going to have a more diversified menu of baked goods but our orders were about to increase once we launched our brand new Home Sweet Home Bakery Web page!
dimensions and upload a sketch. Second we had to choose a style from the various

Since the opening of our “small big business” we have had much more success than expected. We are even
considering hiring more help and remodeling my kitchen cabinets as well. As much as we love our business, we also love our family time and extracurricular activities. Take a look at Martha’s kitchen after it was remodeled. Isn’t it beautiful?! I hope you can also make your dreams come true!