August 5, 2014

Updating Your Bathroom with New Cabinets

My friend and her husband had just moved into an old farmhouse. Let me stress: this place was a real fixer-upper. One of the first things she wanted to update was the bathroom on the second floor. It was pretty small and didn’t even connect to the master bedroom. However, there was a fairly large closet that she wasn’t going to use right next to the bathroom. She and her husband completely gutted the bathroom and knocked down the wall that was shared with the closet, nearly tripling the size of the bathroom. Now they had to start redesigning the bathroom from scratch. They reworked the plumbing, put in drywall, and bought new bathroom fixtures. Their next step was to look into pre-made cabinets.

The new homeowners now had the space to install his and her sinks, with plenty of cabinet space underneath. Using blueprints from an online supplier, my friend was able to find a plan from the website that matched the measurements of her bathroom. The supplier suggested the type and size of cabinets and drawers that fit with my friend’s vision. She also chose an off-white hue from a variety of colors that were available on the site. In a few days, the pre-made cabinets arrived, and my friend’s husband put them in in a matter of hours. After some tile work and painting, the bathroom appeared to have been pulled from an interior design magazine.

My friend was so impressed with the professional look of the pre-made cabinets that she decided to use them again when it came time to redo the kitchen. Now they have a beautiful home. The improvements that the couple have made to their old farmhouse over the years have increased the property’s value tenfold. The best part was that they did most of it themselves.