January 14, 2014

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Alright so you are remodeling your kitchen and you’re very excited. You want it all: brand new kitchen cabinets, a new island, you name it. You look at different magazines and can’t wait to get that project started so you can have everything the magazine is suggesting. However, you need to take into account that your kitchen layout and space might not be the same as the one you see in the magazine. Not everything might go with your kitchen and at the end you might not like the outcome.

New kitchen island? Yes we all love them. They look great, however if your kitchen is not big enough then it might not be a good idea to get one. It’s just going to make it uncomfortable to walk around in the kitchen. For example, in the picture you can see that there’s a lot of space, it’s a big kitchen, so the island looks great. But small kitchens don’t need an island to leave them with even less space!

Another consideration you need to take into account is the height of the cabinets. If the person who is generally cooking isn’t that tall then you shouldn’t place the cabinets very high because it will be harder for them to reach and get any appliance they may need. That’s actually a problem that many women face on a daily basis. Looking at the bright side, they work out as they cook, talk about women’s ability to multitask!

Anyway, my point is that you are not only looking for a kitchen that looks fantastic, but one that is also functional and that agrees with the space and layout you already have. You want the kitchen to work with you and that it fits the needs of those who will be using it the most.